Our mission

We are a group of car enthusiast friends who have the dream of competing in the 2020 24H of Zolder.
Not only this but we would like to do it with a car we will be building into a race car ourselves.
Next to the race aspect we will be incorporating the funding of a charity into the project because as the name of our team suggests,
we would like to drive for a cause.

The car will be built using our own funding and sponsored parts.
For the race admission fee and expendables we would like to call on your help.
See the donate page for more information, 10% of the sponsorship will go straight to our charity of choice.

After our sponsorship goal is met we will switch to a “fund a charity per lap” system.
Here you can specify how much you are willing to pay the charity per lap we drive during the event.
We will be doing tests on the circuit prior to the event so we know what the maximum amount of laps will be during the event.
This way the system can calculate your maximum funding amount.
After the event is over the funders will be billed by the charity with the amount of driven laps.

This system will give us the extra push to keep the car going and finish the event doing as much laps as possible.
This while keeping everything safe of course.

Thanks for the help!