Donor engine


The stock 5 speed gearbox that came with our golf isn’t known for holding a lot of power. The 6 speed gearbox that came with some more powerful 1.8T engines can cope with a decent amount of power. After weighing our options we figured searching for one of these engines including the gearbox might be a better option.

After some research we came across an APX engine coming from an Audi TT. It had run about 80000miles, so pretty low mileage. After hearing it run at the salvage yard we agreed to buy it and picked it up a week later.

The APX engine makes 225bhp and has the bigger K04 turbo. In comparison the AGU engine that came with our golf makes 150bhp and has the smaller K03 turbo. With a remap the APX engine should be able to make 250bhp with the standard K04 turbo, more then enough to start with.

We did a compression test to estimate the state of the engine. All cylinders came out at about 175psi, not bad considering the engine is cold.

Removed the gearbox. Needs some cleaning up.

The engine on the engine stand. We will start to disassemble it and overhaul the engine where needed. The connecting rods will also be replaced by a stronger replacement, the standard rods are a weak spot in these engine when making more power.


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